MCHS Theater Stage Crew


“Life’s a stage and we’re constantly changing the scenery.”


“Where’s my hair? I’m on next.”

“The sky is stuck. We need a rope.”

“Line? Line?”

If you’ve ever been back stage during a theater production, you may have heard similar statements coming from actors and the stage crew. However, at the end of the day it seems as if the actors get most of the credit for a good (or not so good) production.

Our Unsung Theater Heroes – the Stage Crew

Our stage crew members work behind the scenes during all of our theatrical performances to ensure scene changes and other tasks are done correctly and at the right times. Stage crew members help with props, costume changes, scenery, make-up, sound, stage lights, house lights and even “raising the curtain.” They truly help run the show.

Each school year we invite MCHS students to learn how to stage a show through many disciplines. We have teachers who have worked professionally in theater who are experts in these various techniques and offer students a great opportunity for a hands-on learning experience.

♣ Set Design and Building

♣ Costumes

♣ Make-Up

♣ Technical/Sound

♣ Stage Lighting and Design

♣ Stage Management

MCHS Theater Crew

Student Stage Manager: TBD

Student Technical Directors: TBD

International Thespian Society Troupe 2507 President: Clark Collier

Troupe 2507 Vice President: Mandy Lyons

Troupe 2507 Secretary: Kelli Hostettler

Troupe 2507 Historian: Kelli Hostettler

Spirit Store Manager: Trey Jones

Stage Crew Resources:

Prop – A hand-carried object small enough to be lost by an actor 30 seconds before it’s needed on stage. (see more fun Broadway theater terms)

Theater Books: Stage Management

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“It’s communication – that’s what theatre is all about.”

-Chita Rivera

Shrek the Musical

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